Using Free Advertising—Magazines


Today I got a message from a friend complaining about a free magazine she received in the mail.  It wasn’t something she ordered and she wasn’t interested in the topic it covered.  I told her that I loveg getting  free magazines.    And I try to get as many as possible.

I use these free magazines as advertising.  I replace or cover the shipping label with a new one.  It reads:

This magazine courtesy of

Cindy V Video, LLC

Event taping, Videos for Websites

Tape to DVD Transfers

I then take the magazines and lovingly distribute them around the city.  I live near a hospital, so the lobby and some of the waiting rooms get my magazines.  So do several hair salons in my neighborhood.  I take some to the technical college and leave them in the magazine bin in the cafeteria.  I leave some at coffee houses where I meet with clients.

In one of my business networking groups, a member collects magazines for people in the military.  She sends the magazines to Iraq and Afghanistan.  So every two weeks when we meet, I load her up with copies of Sports Illustrated, Golf World, Bloomberg Business, Field and Stream and Baseball World.

This is a free and easy way to get my business name out there.  And I get to read some interesting things I might have missed altogether!

And there you go.


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